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1Is the product quality good enough? Is it durable?
    Our products are high quality, reliable for the long-term use.
    1.1 We use imported genuine Italian leather, environmental protection wool and high-temperature treated solid wood.
    1.2 Stainless steel is available in 304 and 202 specifications.
    1.3 We use fireproof sponge. Cushion adopts multi-layer and multi-density sponge.
    1.4 Fiberglass adopts high-quality epoxy resin and polycarbafil. Colorful, strong and environmental friendly.
    1.5 Environmental friendly paint without peculiar smell.
    1.6 Our technicians have more than 5 years experience.
    1.7 Five years warranty, free parts replacement. Provide life-long after-sales service.
    1.8 Our professional outdoor furniture can withstand the sun, rain, corrosion, easy to clean. However, we do not recommend the use of FRP furniture in deserts or windy areas with strong wind erosion.
    1.9 Lamps and lanterns are made of various environmental protection materials, with excellent safety and layer upon layer inspection. It can adapt to the voltage of different countries, and is equipped with various power plugs. However, in case of emergency, please avoid the touch of children and pets, and try to avoid using in various extreme weather, such as severe thunderstorms, typhoons, earthquakes, tornadoes and other disaster weather, so as to avoid danger. Please do not touch the bulb or other positions after the lamp works for a long time to avoid scalding.
    1.10 Most of the movements of clocks and watches are made in Switzerland. They are accurate, silent and energy-saving. Some countries are forbidden to send batteries by air mail. You may need to purchase matching batteries by yourself.
    1.11 Small home furnishings and decorations are solid and environmentally friendly, without peculiar smell.


2. Do you ship worldwide?

    Yes, we ship internationally, and we keep close cooperation with international logistics companies to ensure safe and timely delivery to your designated destination.

3. How to order?
    You can select product options on our website, add them to the shopping cart, click settlement and place an order. We will contact you in time with payment information and confirm the necessary details.


4. How to pay?
    We accept following payment methods: Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Check, Western Union, MoneyGram, Escrow, 2checkout, Alipay, Ria Money Transfer, etc.

5. Can I pay by credit card?
    Yes, we accept most of Visa, MasterCard, please contact us to check if your card can be collected, and you can also pay the deposit first and then the balance.


6. How to pay the deposit first and then the balance?
    6.1 You can pay 30% of the total amount as a deposit, we will start production since the deposit was collected. 
    6.2 We send photos of all finished products for your confirmation. If there is a problem, you can let us modify until every details are qualified. If there is no problem, you can pay 50% of the total amount for releasing the shipment.

    6.3 You can finish the balance payment which is 20% of the total amount when the goods are collected at your address.

    We highly suggest this payment method, which is both safe for us.

7. Can I pay with paypal?
    Considering PayPal does not support transaction for reproduction products (IP issues), we can not accept paypal while we can accept Alipay, Skrill, 2Checkout, Western Union, MoneyGram and other online payments, which are convenient and safe as well.

8. How long is the delivery time?
    Products in stock can be packed and delivered immediately.
    For products without stock, the delivery time depends on the quantity of the order, as well as the specific size, specification, color, material, customized information and other requirements. Small orders can usually be delivered within 7-22 days.

9. Type of shipping?
    For large volume non removable leisure chairs, sofas, fiberglass furniture, etc., we provide sea transportation, railway, road intermodal transportation.
    For small size or detachable leisure chairs, we can transport them by international express.
    For specific freight, you can add products to the shopping cart on the website. In the settlement interface, select your country and region, and the freight will be automatically displayed on the website. You can also contact us to find out which mode of transportation is more suitable for you. 
    *The freight display on the website is shipping freight. If you need to get air express freight, please contact by email.


10. How to save money?
    Try to use sea transportation, and try to make the volume of the ordered products larger than 3 cbm (cubic meters), which will save a lot of freight.
    The more you order, the more discounts you can get. Ask for a help

11. Is it possible to track the shipment?
    Yes. For sea transportation, we will provide the bill of lading. For express transportation, we will provide tracking number. Track website:, this is a unified multi-national language support tracking website

12. How to pick up the goods?
    For sea shipment goods, we supply home delivery, you only need to receive goods at your designated address when the logistics company delivers goods, which makes you feel very relieved.

    We can also deliver the goods to the nearest logistics warehouse, and you can find your own local truck to pick up the goods. Because you are very familiar with the local situation, doing so will usually make the total freight the cheapest, which is also the most recommended mode of transportation. This is also the default shipping option of our website.

    You can also contact us to confirm which mode of transportation is the most cost-effective.
    Express will send directly to your address. 

13. Can I customize the product?
    Yes, you can customize the pattern, embroidery, logo, material, size, color, style and so on. Packaging can also be customized.


14. Return Policy? Can customized products be returned?
    Within 7 days after receiving the goods, you can return or exchange the goods at any time, and the freight shall be borne by you. Within 15 days, it can be returned or partially refunded due to quality problems. Products with customized sizes, colors and logos may not be accepted for return. Please contact us before placing an order.


15. Will you use my business or personal information to promote profits, just like other competitors?
    We will never do that. All your information will be kept absolutely confidential. We promise that we will never disclose any business information or secrets to anyone, and your personal privacy will be absolutely confidential. This is also a necessary measure to protect the rights and interests of our dealers.


16. Can you provide the cooperative customers in my country?
    Although our customers are all over Europe, Australia and America, and even many well-known old brand construction companies, design and decoration companies, well-known industry retailers, well-known online stores, or your local stores are our long-term customers, we firmly believe that customer information can not be sold or used for publicity. This is our commitment to them and a necessary measure to safeguard the rights and interests of our dealers.


17. I am not satisfied with your salesmen or customer service or logistics operators. How can I write to state or request?
   Please send email to directly.

18. Terms and Conditions?

    Our website refers to, mentions, names, only personal names, not brands or trademarks. We can only produce trademarked products when authorized. If you find any inappropriate of our products, please feel free to contact us, we are willing to solve all problems at any time.

    All product dimensions are measured by hand, there could be slight difference.

19. Do you participate in and undertake interior design projects?

    Yes, we are very much looking forward to establish long-term cooperative relationships with design companies, studios, excellent designer teams, and independent designers all over the world. You only need to focus on inspiration and design, and leave the rest to us, contact us.

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